Cadu Tenório ‘Waifu’

(Brava, 2020)

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Just observe. Eyes shining, soothing colors, now hear the voice. Smile and you ‘ll be swallowed, relax … but pay attention:

Cats know! And not just them. It will get really cold down there, テキトー. Babel/Infocalipse:


“Waifu” is an album.

Also the materialization of an old Cadu Tenório’s desire.

Still immersed in reminiscences of a past that do not return and with the perception of the passage of time increasingly distorted, the artist decides to finish another chapter of his digital epic around liquid affections and viral surfaces that hides infinites – before it is too late.

Submerging may be the only plausible way out after contemplating the kaleidoscopic monument. Water runs down the ears (and through them), eyes try to follow the winding path of drops squeezed against the glass. They fog up. Relationships reconfigure after the revelation. 1 and 0. Infected? Backed by hundreds of hours oscillating between Jocy de Oliveira, Japanese ambient, a damnable addiction to ASMR, card games, fighting games, jrpgs, soulslikes, metroidvanias, hack’n slash (combo MAD oriented), visual novels, roguelikes, Gibson, Stephenson and deteriorating corneas. Muscle memory and confusion between mixed and distorted stories.

released November 6, 2020
produced, recorded and mixed by Cadu Tenório
mastered by Emygdio
art by Daniel Semanas
general production by Cadu Tenório and Brava Edições